15 Best Music Series: Complete List

Who wants to see things exchange services He often looks for directions. So, we have several lists of this genre, Wild West Movies Excelente Documentary and even 2019 Best Anime. Now, we have selected the best music series from that list!


We are launching our list of the best of the best Netflix series , created by Sebastian Melino of Argentine descent, Go! Live on your way. So far, it has two seasons out of fifteen episodes.

The story follows Mia Koserus, a very talented musician who won a scholarship at a top university. Follow the link to watch, even on Netflix, it’s one of the best apps to watch movies and series.


Glee is the most popular series of its kind, covering six seasons and focusing on members of the William McKinley School Song Club.

It shows all the problems they face, namely their sexuality and their cause of bullying, race, relationships and internal conflicts. Most songs are very well executed versions. Check it out through the link!


One of the best musical series, The Defiant Ones, is a documentary short film directed by Alan Hughes, which premiered on HBO in 2017.

It focuses on the careers and association of Jimmy Ayoin and Dr. Dre, co-founders of Beats Electronics, one of the largest musical instruments companies. It has four episodes, all available on Netflix, and one of the best is to watch movies and series .

4. Z4

Along with SPT is the Brazilian series Z4, produced by Disney Channel, directed by Marcio Trico and screenwriting by Newton Connito. The cast includes Gabriel Santana, Pedro Resente and Manu Kawasi.

Follow Ju Toledo, who has led many new artists to success, but he is in a period where he cannot begin a new one. To remedy the situation, a boy decides to install a band. Check it out now by clicking on the link.


Another great Netflix series on our list is Luis Miguel, a Mexican superstar singer who has managed to impress the public throughout Latin America.

Follow him and get his full story, biography, from the start of his career, to his awards and star. Check out the link!


Another biopic series, Touching the Heart follows the story of Dolly Parton, telling all the stories, memories and inspiration behind her 8 most popular songs.

It consists of 8 chapters and each of them focuses on one song, explaining in depth, all the songs that the singer considers important. Go watch Netflix!


It’s almost necessary to take a look at the series , Get Down, if you like . This is a musical play by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Kyrgyz, which only has one season, shown in 2016.

It takes place in New York, 1977, and tells the story of how the city evolved into hip-hop in the Bronx. It takes place at the end of the era of disco music with a focus on poor youth. Click the link to see!


American Traditional Soundtrack, created by Josh Safran, is one of the best music series, released in 2019.

It takes place in Los Angeles, where people see their lives radically changing because of music. Among the people, actress Nelly is tired of living with her past. Check out the link!


One of the best comedies of the genre, this is one of the most popular series on Netflix , Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which began in 2015 and features a fourth and last season in 2019.

It was created by Rachel Bloom and Alain Brash McKenna, and is in the first role. She tries to be with her teenage boyfriend at all costs and travels from New York to California. Check it out now on Netflix, one of the best is Exchange Services!


Mozart in the Jungle is a series that mixes comedy and drama with the likes of Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers and Paul Waits. Sex, Drugs and Classical Music: Inspired by the memory of Mozart in the jungle.

It shows everything that happens behind the scenes in the world of drivers, which is very impressive. It has four seasons. Take a look at Amazon Prime Video, another of the best exchange services.


Vinyl was created by Mick Jagger and introduces Bobby Cannavale in the lead role of Recording Executive Richie Finestra in the 1970s.

It takes place during the period of the revolution in the American music industry, showing the entrepreneur’s struggle to keep his record company on the ground without destroying anyone. Check with HBO Go, Netflix is ​​another great alternative.


One of the best musical series is Atlanta, created by Donald Glover, who is part of the cast, writing and producing the series.

It shows two relatives traveling to the rap scene to improve their lives and their families in Atlanta. He won several awards, including two gold balloons and an Emmy. Follow the link to see.

13. POSE

Bose is an American drama series set in the late 80s and early 90s. The cast includes Evan Peters, Kate Mara and India Moore.

Most of them focus on LGBT culture, black and Latino at the time, and it shows how much they have experienced prejudice. It includes how the AIDS epidemic affected them and how they had to deal with it. If you want to watch this amazing series, go to Netflix!


Rhythm + Flow is a Netflix reality show that debuted in 2019. This is the first original music competition on stage.

In this series, hip hop artists criticize new rappers trying to win a $ 250,000 prize. Click the link and check it out now!

15. 45 RPM

45 rpm is an excellent Netflix international series , of Spanish ancestry, with Ramon Campos and Gemma R. Created by Neera. Actors Carlos Cuauas, Guimar Puerto and Ivan Marcos.

Follow the creation of a record label in the 1960s, focusing on people involved in the complex music industry. Check it out on Netflix!


Leave your comments about them in the comments, if you already know or if we present something new. Don’t forget to check out the series releases on Netflix in 2020 and the much-watched series in 2019!

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