40 Best Netflix Movies to Watch Over the Weekend

If you like to watch movies, you may be looking for directions. For this, we have selected the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends, with popular titles, many of which have won awards. If you like the series, check out the most popular series on Netflix!


The first of the best Netflix movies. Watching the weekends is The Ballad of Buster Scrubs of American Descent, launched in 2018. It was written, directed and produced by the Coen brothers, which are similar in quality, and have names like Liam Neeson and James Franco to deal with.

It is a six-act anthology comedy that tells six stories of life and violence in the Wild West, including a singing gunman, a bank robber, a travel theater entrepreneur, an elderly gold digger, a wagon train and a pair of evil bounty hunters. . To watch, follow the Netflix link, which has one of the best apps to watch movies and series.


It is the most beautiful creature living in this house, an unnatural American-Canadian film written and directed by Osgood Perkins. It was launched in 2016 and is undoubtedly one of the best options of this genre for those who want to watch movies ..

Follow retired horror writer Iris Blum, who lives in a remote home in a small town in Massachusetts suffering from dementia. However, the house is overjoyed, and on the first night, Iris’s nurse has her phone removed from her hands by invisible forces. Go to Netflix, one of the best places to watch movies and series, to attend!


Waiting for a Miracle is a 1999 crime drama film of American origin, written and directed by Frank Darabont and based on a Stephen King book of the same name. Here’s how to read books on your smartphone. -.

It follows an old man, Paul Edgecomb, who lives in a crazy haven, recalling the events of 1935, when he served as head of a death penalty in a prison.

It tells the lives of those sentenced to death and everything they have to face to the extent of their execution. Check out the link on Netflix.


One of the best Netflix movies to watch over the weekend is The Fantastic Chocolate Factory, a new version of the same name, which premiered in 2005. It is directed by Tim Burton and features Johnny Depp in the lead role by John August.

Follow four other children and their guardians, a promising young boy named Charlie, on a tour of the candy factory run by its owner Willy Wonka. Tell all the adventures and saddles the kids have until Charlie is alone. Check it out on Netflix, one of the best exchange services.


Alex Strangelove is a 2018 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Craig Johnson. Follow high school student Alex Truelo, his best friend Claire. When they find out their mother has cancer, they kiss and start dating.

However, everything changes when Alex meets Eliot, an openly gay teenager. His connections, in which it is clear that Elliot has an interest in the other, lead him to question his sexuality and end up with Claire’s breakup with Alex. Check out this fun movie by link.


Another great option for those who want to watch movies online. It is a romantic comedy film written and directed by Jennifer Caitin Robinson, screened in 2019. This follows Jenny, who lives in New York and has her dream job in San Francisco.

With that, her 9-year-old boyfriend ends up with her, which leads to a deep depression. Only her best friends, Erin and Blair, can help her. He contacts them, and the film continues with all the adventures the trio are trying to help each other with, each with their own problem. Watch it now on Netflix!


One of the most well-known films of recent times screened in 2010 was Origin. It has a sci-fi theme, written and directed by Christopher Nolan and features Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character.

Follow Tom Cobb and Arthur, who work with corporate intelligence using experimental technology, where they penetrate the subconscious mind of their goals in order to get important information in a shared dream. Now, its purpose is the opposite: to apply an idea to the subconscious mind. Go watch Netflix!


The 2014 biopic romance and drama film Theory of Everything tells the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. It takes place at the University of Cambridge and is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by his wife.

The film tells the beginning of her relationship with a literary student named Jane Wilde. He tells of his first thesis, that the blacksmiths were part of the origin of the universe, and that Stephen, above all else, follows the entire life of the two as a couple. Check it out through the link.


The Voice of Silence is a Japanese animated film: Check out the best anime of 2019 – it’s based on a manga of the same name. The film premiered in Japan in 2016 and the rest of the world in 2017.

Japanese teenager Shoya Ishita follows him as he tries to commit suicide but changes his mind at the last moment. He recalled all the events that led him to that place, thinking a lot about a colleague named Deaf Shoko, with whom he practiced a lot of bullying.

He tells the whole story of Shoja’s redemption in relation to Shoko, to the extent that his friends and family truly appreciate his presence. To see it, follow the link on the best Netflix movies to watch on the weekends.


It is one of the best documentaries. The platform is available and will be presented by Victoria Cruz, 2992, her friend, and Marsha B., a veteran of black and LGBT rights activism. The investigation into Johnson’s mysterious death follows.

He offers old Johnson interviews and new interviews with his family and friends. It was published in 2017 on how police reported that his death was suicide and refused to investigate. To see this great work, follow the link ..


Blade Runner is a sci-fi classic, released in 1982. He stars Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young, and is based on the 1968 book. It takes place in a dystopian future, and in Los Angeles 2019, humans are artificial. Or copies created to colonize new planets.

His job is to follow former policeman Rick Deckard, chase down defendants and kill them. He receives information that there are four of them on earth and they have the task of completing them. Follow your adventures, showing the difficulty of differentiating yourself from humans. Check it out now on Netflix, one of the best places to watch movies on the iPad.


Carol is the 2015 film of a melodramatic novel directed by Todd Haynes. It is based on a 1952 book by Patricia Highsmith. Accounts with actors Kate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, and Sarah Paulson.

Follow a Girl, Therese Belivet, an avid photographer, meets Carol Aird, a woman looking for a doll for her daughter. It tells the forbidden love story between the two in 1952. Follow the link to watch this movie on Netflix!


Edgar Wright’s 2007 action comedy, Sambo Grosso, is one of the best movies to watch on a Netflix weekend, co-written by Nick Frost with Simon Beck, one of the main actors.

Nicholas Angel, one of London’s best cops, is forced to work in a small town in the countryside and unravels the secrets behind many unexplained deaths, along with his partner Danny Butterman. Together, they are able to kill those responsible for the killings. Check it out on Netflix, this is one of the best apps to watch anime!


The best comedy of 2015 was produced by Disney and released by Disney. The film follows a woman named Riley, who was born in a small town in Minnesota, and, to her mind, has five personalities of her emotions: happiness, sadness, fear, disgust and anger.

They come to life and affect how she does things with a command console. When he was 11 years old, his parents moved to San Francisco because of his father’s work, and tragedy saddened all happy memories. Check out this animation on Netflix!


Django Livere is a 2012 American film written and directed by Quang Tarantino. It takes place in Texas in early 1958. Django, an enslaved black man, was separated from his German and English-speaking wife, Broomhilda.

The men carrying Django are arrested by a German dentist named Dr. King Scholtz, who turns out to be a bounty hunter who plans to buy Django because of his knowledge of the three criminals.

Along with that, they hunt the three of them together, side by side, and in return, the Doctor takes him with his wife. For those who pretend to be liberated. Check out this very powerful movie on LinkedIn on Netflix.

16. WAY

El Camino is a 2019 movie that is one of the best Netflix series of all time, Breaking Bad. Its creator, Vince Gilligan, wrote, directed and produced the film, starring Aaron Paul again as Jesse Pinkman.

The story follows what happened to Pinkman after the events of the final episode of the series. In it, Jesse escapes from the Brotherhood premises and goes to Skinny Pete’s house, chasing Ed Calfrey for help in obtaining a new identity. Check the end of the story through the link.!


This is a 2019 Spanish film that tells a biography. Follow Elisa Sanchez Lorica and Marcela Gracia Ipias, the first couple of the same sex married in Spain. They were able to do this by posing as a same-sex couple.

She stars Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernandez in the lead roles and competes for an award at the Berlin International Film Festival. One of the best sites to watch movies online is to go to Netflix to watch.


Directed by Noah Baumbach, co-written by Greta Gerwig, Francis Hegde is a 2012 black and white comedy film that follows Francis Holliday, a 27-year-old dancer living in New York with his best friend Sophie.

When Sophie decides to move to an elegant neighborhood that cannot be bought by Francis, her life is turned upside down. She moves to Chinatown and distances herself from Sophie. The film tells of all the problems he faced as a professional dancer and his complicated relationship with his friend.

To watch this movie, you need to go to Netflix through the link.


Netflix is ​​one of the best movies to watch on the first Brazilian weekend on our list. Today I Want to Go Back Alone Run, produced and written by Daniel Ribeiro and premiered in 2014. It is based on the short film I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone.

The story follows a blind high school student, Leonardo. He talks about his relationship with his best friend, Giovanna, and about his sexuality when he comes to Gabriel. Watch it now on Netflix!


Another documentary on our list, American Industry reports on a Chinese company in Piao and its factory in the city of Morene, Ohio. It was the first film to be produced by Barack and Michael Obama’s production company, Higher Ground Productions and won an Oscar.

It focuses on the experiences of factory workers when a company run by a Chinese billionaire employs two thousand Americans. Check it out on LinkedIn is the best streaming service on Netflix.


Another in the Lego movie series, Lego: Batman is an animated comedy produced by Warner. It was released in 2017 and already has a second film planned for 2022.

In the film, Batman continues to defend Gotham City and fight crime. In his last mission, he hurts the Joker’s feelings when he says that he is not as important in his life as he thinks.

With this, the Joker goes out of his way to get Batman’s attention, and he doubts his significance to something. He does everything he can to find and break his plans in this very fun animation that can be found on Netflix.


Mys Uma Sans is a comedy mixed with drama released in 2018 by Tamara Jenkins. It centers on two middle-aged couples, Richard and Rachel.

After several failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, they decide to test in vitro fertilization, which leads Richard to discover that he cannot produce sperm. They are forced to deal with the reality that a child cannot conceive. Check it out through the link.


Who Loves Animation: See the Best Apps to See Animation Here – You will surely know that Kipley Studio is known worldwide for its excellent and moving animations. This 1988 film tells the story of a small family that travels to the countryside to care for their mother.

The daughters, Satsuki and Mai, meet and chat with many friendly forest spirits, Suzutari and Totoro. The consonant is the first person who sees them, and finds a secret passage that leads to where the spirits are hidden, allowing only those who wish to see them.

The spirits follow all the adventures of the little girl and end with the mother who finally begins to heal. Follow the link to attend!


One of the best movies to watch on Netflix weekends is Me Nom ோல Dolomite, an American biographical comedy directed by Craig Brewer, with Eddie Murphy as cinematographer Rudy Ray Moore in the lead role, Dolomite.

It was released in 2019 and takes place in Los Angeles in the 70s, where Rudy is an artist experiencing difficulties. Finally, he works as a comedian and follows the story of his many successes. Check with Netflix and you’ll find what you want offline.


The Mandy Python team is known to all who love comedy. They released a satirical classic, The Life of Brian, which follows a young Jew, Brian Cohen, who was born on the same day as Jesus Christ, who was his neighbor, and confused with the Messiah.

Brian hates the Roman occupation of Judah and eventually joins one of the many opposing groups. It shows all the misfortunes they face, culminating in the death of Brian’s crucifixion. Follow this link to watch this movie which is a good invitation for Christmas!


Another in the same group, another funny satire of In Search of the Holy Chalice, which follows an Arthritic legend. It was originally produced by the BBC, which was created during the bracket between the third and fourth season of his series on Netflix.

Follow King Arthur as he sails through Brittany looking for men to join the Knights of the Roundtable. This parody contains the image of God, who is tasked with finding the Holy Grail. Go to Netflix to watch.


Moonlight is a 2016 American film written and directed by Barry Jenkins, based on an autobiography that has never been released. Among his cast, you will find names like Trevante Rhodes, Andre Holland and Janelle Monie.

The film shows three stages in the main character’s life: his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. He examines the difficulties facing his sexuality and identity and also deals with the physical and emotional abuse he experienced while growing up. Check out this Oscar-winning movie on Netflix!

28. CALL

One of the best movies to watch on Netflix weekend is The Invitation, an American horror film released in 2015 that features names like Logan Marshall-Green, Tommy Blanchard and Michael Huisman.

Will’s ex-wife, Eden, invites her to see him for dinner with his girlfriend, and now he has a new husband. At dinner, he is forced to mitigate the shock of his son’s death, and begins to wonder if Eden has other reasons to call him. Go to Netflix to attend


One of the films starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby, premiered in 2013, based on a book of the same name from 1925. Follow the life of billionaire Jay Gatsby and his neighbor Nick Carraway, who describes his first encounter with Gatsby.

In December 1929, Carraway, a veteran of World War I, was being treated in a psychiatric hospital, and he talks about the most attentive man he has ever met, Jay Gatsby, and his doctor who writes all his reports. Check now with the link!


The Host is a 2006 South Korean film directed by Post Jun-ho. It is a monster who abducts a man’s daughter and continues his efforts to rescue her.

In the 2000s, an American military doctor instructed his aide to throw 200 bottles of a substance down the drain that leads to the Han River, and over the coming years, there are numerous reports of creatures in the river.

In 2006, a man hijacked his island with a creature. Finally, she asks her father for help, telling her where she is and doing everything she can to help. Look for it by clicking on the link.

31. OKJA

One of the best original Netflix movies., Okja is an action and adventure theme and launched in 2017. Follow a woman who makes a genetically modified super pig. It is directed by Bong Joon-ho and introduces some of the best South Korean actors and Hollywood names such as Tilda Swinton.

In 2007, Lucy Mirando became executive director of the Mirando Corporation, after her twin sister Nancy. He announces that they are making a new specialty pig, and 26 samples are being sent to a competition for farmers around the world.

The story follows a 10-year-old girl named 3 Mija who lives with her grandfather and her super pig Okja. Check with Netflix!


The Return also features Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends. In part, it is based on a book of the same name from 2002, which describes the experiences of Hugh Glass in 1823, based on the poem The Song of Hugh Glass.

Follow Hugh Glass, who leads a fur sales trip and struggles for his survival after being attacked by a bear. In his struggle for survival, Hugh must face the loss and betrayal of his teammates. Check now with the link!


Other People is a 2016 American comedy and drama film written and directed by Chris Kelly, starring Jesse Flemons, Molly Shannon and Bradley Whitford. This is a semi-biography following the life of the Kelly family.

David, a 29-year-old gay man, returns to Sacramento to take care of his dying mother. Returning because of his religious and conservative family is so complicated that he refuses to accept him. Show how each member faces the loss of a mother. Click the link to attend!


One of the most popular films of all time, Pulp Fiction was released in 1994 and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Among the cast, John Travolta, Samuel L. There are big names like Jackson, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman.

He tells the story of many of the crimes in Los Angeles, focusing on two hired killers who must recover the stolen suitcase from their employer, the mafia leader Marcellus Wallace, who asked to entertain him while one of them was away from his wife. Watch Netflix go from the city

35. ROME

Directed and written by Alfonso Cuarப்பானn, responsible for the production and recording of the film, Roma launched in 2018 and won many awards, including the Oscars. It is semi-autobiographical and contains the creation of Quarin in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.

Behind the scenes or behind the scenes, the production is on and it will be one of the first scenes of the Netflix 2020 movies. Follow the link to check it out.!


Edgar Wright was responsible for the making, movement and writing of Scott Pilgrim: Against the World, based on comics of the same name. Michael Cera is like Scott Pilgrim, the main character who is a musician.

He has to win a match to win a record deal, as well as fight his seven girlfriends, Ramona Flowers. This is a very funny movie which is available through Link. On Netflix


The last of the Koreans on our list, Seoul Search, is one of the best Netflix movies to watch on weekends and follows a group of young people of Korean descent who are born in other countries and participate in summer camp in South Korea.

They each have a completely different personality, different looks, and almost no one understands the Korean language. They are in a government program that encourages them to relate to their roots. Click the link to see the picture!

38. DICK

The 2015 documentary, directed by Dick Christina Goolsby and Ashley York, also stars Dick Notaro as the main character. He is embarking on his wrestling journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer and attempting to conceive with his fianc ஸ்ட, Stephanie Allyn.

Originally it premiered at Sundance and received almost positive reviews. Although life strikes you everywhere, it is developed in the hope of moving forward and taking risks. To watch it, go to Netflix.


Another great film by Edgar Wright, he not only directed but co-wrote with protagonist Simon Peck. In the film, Shawn and Ed, London, are trapped in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and do everything they can to protect their loved ones.

Shawn is an electronics salesman who believes he lost his lover but is still with her, and the next morning the zombies are everywhere. Follow the struggles and adventures of the group trying to survive until the military takes control of the situation. Click here to go to Netflix and check out!


If you like animated movies, you will definitely like UP: High Adventures, which was produced by Pixar and released by Disney. This is a very moving story, centered on a young man named Carl Fredrickson and Russell.

Carl decides to go to the jungles of South America, builds a thousand balloons for his home, and wants to fulfill his promise to his dead wife, Ellie. It shows the adventures and problems that Carl and Russell encountered during the journey. It’s available on Netflix!


Tell us if you already know the concepts, if you have something new, and if you can use the choice. Don’t forget to watch the Netflix series releases in 2020 and the most popular series on Netflix!

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