The Galaxy S20: Everything You Need to Know About the New Smartphone

As usual, February is the month to mark the arrival of a new generation of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line. The main innovation is already in the name of the new version, which does not follow the established method of the previous ones. Instead of the Galaxy S11, the successor to the Galaxy S10 it will be called the Galaxy S20!

With a live broadcast, the new specifications, screen and details of the new device’s camera and its special editions were revealed.

Despite being the star of the day, the Galaxy S20 was not the only participant. A new folding smartphone has been announced, as well as the next version of the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Tab Tablet and accessories such as the Galaxy Butts and the Galaxy Home Mini.

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The Galaxy S20 is not the first device to be shown, but this is not the reason why the presentation was less impressive, as it was the successor to Samsung’s first folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

Called the Galaxy Z Flip, not much has been revealed about the specifications of the device. In this case, the presentation focused on design details such as the colors available on the smartphone. It will reach the markets in purple, black and gold, which will have a limited time period for some countries that have not yet been confirmed.

Some features such as the ability to view announcements, messages and tables without opening a smartphone were shown by the Galaxy Z Flip. Additionally, it is entirely possible to take a selfie with the device in that position.

It can be used in different angles, called Flex Mode. This will allow you to use your smartphone on multiple levels without having to close or open it. Additionally, each half of the screen will work with multiple windows, allowing you to open different applications at the same time.

The specifications and details of the camera have not been released, but the screen protection mechanism of the Galaxy Z Flip, which uses textures to prevent dust and dirt from entering, and scratches when the screen is closed.

The Galaxy Z Flip debuts on the world market this weekend, February 14, 2020. The launch price of the Galaxy Z Flip will be $ 1,380 6,000, about $ XNUMX considering the dollar price of the release date. In the case of


See below for the technical specifications of the Galaxy Z Flip.


The main screen of the Galaxy Z Flip measures 6,7 inches. It features AMOLED dynamic technology and the Flex screen mentioned above. Its resolution is 2636 x 1080 and the pixel density is 425ppi.

The 1.1-inch Super AMOLED, 300 x 112 resolution and 303ppi used when the screen and the smartphone are closed.


The dual camera on the back of the Galaxy Z Flip and the front camera for selfies will only be on the market. At the rear, the main camera has a 12MP angle of 78 ° field of view and a digital zoom of up to 8x.

The second camera also comes with a 12MP, but is wider for wider photos, with an angle of 123. The front camera is 10MP and the field of view is 80 is.


The Galaxy Z Flip comes with a 7-nanometer octa-core processor, 2.95 GHz main core and complement 2.41 GHz and 1.78 GHz.

It comes with the current Android 10 version of the Galaxy Z Flip which comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the standard for premium smartphones.

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The Galaxy S20 didn’t take long to prove. After a speech by Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s mobile division, the first demonstration of the company’s next generation of smartphones began!

The smartphone will come in two more versions in addition to the base version: the Galaxy S20 + and the Galaxy S20 Ultra . Check out the news with the smartphone below!


The Galaxy S20 processor is identical, and the configuration depends on the country of launch and the operator who sells the smartphone. Both are 7-nanometer octa-core processors.

The difference lies in the cores. The first one has a core core of 2.7 GHz, 2.5 GHz and 2 GHz secondary cores. The second option is very strong in the primary core, which is 2.8 GHz. The secondary will be 2.4 GHz and 1.8 GHz.

Now, look at the RAM and storage settings for each of the three versions below.

  • Stellar S20 : With the new LPDDR5 memory quality, the Galaxy S20 comes in two RAM options: 8GB or 12GB. Both alternatives have 128GB of storage, which can be expanded with a memory card;
  • Galaxy S20 + : Intermediate version comes with additional options for users. The simplest has 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB of storage. The following options have 12GB of RAM, but you can choose from 128, 256 or 512GB of storage;
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra : The most powerful version of the new smartphone will come on the market with three memory and storage options. The first two have 12GB of RAM, and you can choose from 128 to 256GB of storage. The most powerful version for installing apps, photos and any kind of file is 16GB of RAM and 512GB.


Focusing on the high quality, the cameras on the Galaxy S20 add up to 108 MP resolution, plus the use of artificial intelligence for edits and improvements of photos. One of the highlights is the 100x spatial zoom, which allows you to zoom 100 times digitally and the 30x optical zoom.

This means you can zoom in 30 times without losing the quality of the photo. Single Shot Mode uses the device’s AI to take multiple photos of the same image. She then introduces everyone to choose their favorite. AI will be used to organize your photo gallery.

As for the video, the Galaxy S20 can record at 8K. With just one touch, you can send recorded videos to Samsung TVs on your phone, which can play 8K videos. There is also a super steady stabilization on the camera, correcting spontaneous movements such as the popular “tremor”.

This camera will be available in all versions of the Galaxy S20, where the event was also recorded. The only difference is in the standard version compared to the + and Ultra versions. The common Galaxy S20 has three cameras on the back, while other versions come with a quad camera.

Another feature of the new Galaxy S20 cameras is the 9-in-1 pixel resolution , made possible by the smartphone’s large image sensors. The technology combines 9 pixels into one of the sensors, which gives the resolution up to 12 MPa. First 108 MP Making the transition up.


The screen size of the Galaxy S20 will not be reduced. All three versions come with impressive sizes and the perfect message for those who want multiplayer games. Mobile

The first is the frequency, which is 60 Hz and 120 Hz in previous versions, which adds more fluid to the game. Additionally, the touch screen sensitivity has doubled, which enables it to send commands in agility games such as MMO games.

Go back to the screen sizes and see below the screen specifications for each version of the Galaxy S20.

  • Galaxy S20 : 6.2-inch Quad HD + 2X Dynamic AMOLED; 3200 x 1440 resolution; HDR10 + certified and 120Hz frequency;
  • Galaxy S20 + : 6,7-inch Quad HD + 2X Dynamic AMOLED; 3200 x 1440 resolution; HDR10 + certified and 120 Hz frequency;
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra : 6.9-inch Quad HD + 2X Dynamic AMOLED; 3200 x 1440 resolution; HDR10 + certified and 120 Hz frequency.


Support for 5G connectivity will enhance the Netflix app’s integration with Samsung’s smartphones, which will provide additional content for the Galaxy S20 users in the Netflix series.

If you need to disconnect quickly, as recommended on the flight, using 5G allows you to download Netflix movies.

Another highlight is the partnership between Samsung and Google that wants to update the Google Duo video calling app. With 5G, you can make video calls with better quality without losing the transmission, let alone sending video messages.

In addition to the on-call app, the buyer will also receive a subscription to the streaming service on the launch of the Galaxy S20, which can share content on the YouTube premium video platform 8K.

Samsung has also announced an alliance with Microsoft to launch the Samsung car game, Forza Street, which will debut on the Samsung App Store. The header takes advantage of device screen improvements, such as 120Hz frequency and increased sensitivity to touch controls.

Additionally, the 5G connection is also mentioned as a highlight of using xCloud, a Microsoft program that allows its Xbox console fan site to play console games via streaming on a mobile screen.


Apple competes with AirPods, Samsung launches second generation competitor, Galaxy Butts + A 40% increase in quality is guaranteed than the original Galaxy Butts.

Additionally, Samsung headphones are associated with Spotify, which lets you access your favorite playlists at the push of a button. It is one of the few headphones with two internal and one external microphones, which improves the quality of your voice recordings on calls.

The battery lasts for 11 hours and can be charged wirelessly. It’s also worth noting that the Galaxy Butts + is compatible with iOS devices, serving iPhone and iPad users as well.

Samsung Galaxy Butts + will hit the market on February 14, 2020 with the Galaxy Z Flip. It costs $ 149, about $ 645, according to the exchange rate at the date the article was published.


Finally, the time has come for everyone to wait: When it comes to the Galaxy S20 stores, most importantly, how much will the three versions of the smartphone get?

All three versions will arrive next month 6 March XX . See below for the recommended price and colors of each.

  • Galaxy S20 : 999 XNUMX (Cosmic Gray) in Gray, Blue (Cloud Blue) and Pink (Cloud Pink);
  • Galaxy S20 + : 1,199 XNUMX (Cosmic Gray), Blue (Cloud Blue) and Black (Cosmic Black) in gray;
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra : 1,399 XNUMX (Cosmic Gray) and Black (Cosmic Black) in gray;

It is worth remembering that the date on which the cell phone was introduced in the US region and other countries. Whether Brazil is on the list of these countries has not been released, so it will be launched here later.


Do you like or diminish the specifications of the Galaxy S20? For you, what is the most exciting expression? Comment with us and discover the best offline games for Android!

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