Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend


His beloved’s day is special for his beloved. He strives to make this a wonderful celebration, and his mission is to make this day unforgettable. 

    • I wish you all the happiness in your life. You get all the happiness that you haven’t got. Happy birthday 
    • The flowers have sent Amrita’s keep. The sun has blossomed with love from the sky, wishing you a very happy birthday. 
    • It was a morning with sunshine, a flurry of birds, and a beautiful morning with your smile.
    • Today is a special day, of which I want to spend every moment with you. The reason is because today is your birthday. Happy birthday
    • Your face is as bright as a rose … be it forever, whether in my life or not. Happy birthday 
    • May this God bless my beloved’s life, let all such happiness be celebrated every year, the happy day of her birthday. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend 

As he looks forward to her birthday, so does he. She would get another golden opportunity to show his love for her on this day. 

1) I will bring all the happiness in the world to you. May the whole world be decorated with flowers for you, and make your every day beautiful. He will adorn you with love. Happy birthday  

2) The moon has come to the moon, the birds are singing songs. Flowers greet you with hugs because today is your birthday. 

3) May this good day come to your life so often
I wish you a thousand
Happy Birthday  

4) Decorate a happy concert
every moment should be
a million happy birthday.

5) Raheen, I
will never leave your love forever in my

Happy Birthday Wishes Funny birthday wishes in English


What fun is it to give a birthday wish to a friend straightforward and straightforward. It makes for a little fun on the birthday. See Happy Birthday Funny / Funny. 

1) Thank God the person who made your gift did not get
you a good and smart friend  
so what happened to
you Happy Birthday

2) Birthday must be a party and wish morning

3) There is no falling from the sky or dripping from above or where you can find friends who are made by special order. Happy Birthday Buddy

4) Live your life honestly, eat slowly and even learn to lie about your age. Happy Birthday!

5) Happy Birthday to all those who have a Birthday tomorrow or today or tomorrow or are gone.

6) Happy Birthday to one more year..Happy Birthday

7) I respect your white hair. Happy birthday

8) Before extinguishing the candles on the cake, ask for what you want before you let it go. Manny Manny Happy Returns Of The Day

9) There were going to be expensive gifts for you all of a sudden you realize that now you are getting older, as well as many gifts were given last year, so this year only wishes and love. 

10) One of the biggest secrets in the country, no matter how old you are, always have a secret and have a nice birthday.

50th Birthday Wishes Special 50th Birthday Wishes In English

Reaching 50 years of life is not easy. With so many years of experience, it is necessary to wish the best of luck. Special wishes for this. 

    • One thing to always keep in mind. Our father’s place in life is no less than God. The elders always care about you and love you unselfishly. Daddy wish you a very happy 50th birthday. 
    • Today is a special day because today is your 50th birthday. You get a great life after half a century. Happy Birthday
    • Keep climbing every step of your life. Now that the 50th step has come, the 100th is definitely a happy birthday
    • Not worth the friendship..No dare to compare your friendship to my tiger happy birthday
    • Happy Mother’s Day to you mother and daughter wish you a wonderful life.

Happy Birthday Status In English


Nowadays special whatsapp is placed on social media for everyone’s birthday. Special status for it. 

1) Hero to see … Cadbury boy of your college..Good guy from the group who ruled the mind of Hazar Pori Happy birthday to Royal man.

2) Come to the top of every test of your life and wish you a very happy birthday. 

3) The sun came with a light
sparrow Singing
flowers Flower smiling
Happy birthday to you

4) Keep smiling, you always shine in the multitude of billions.

As the sun shines in a crowd of thousands, stay bright in your life. Happy birthday

5) Let the sea of ​​your prosperity be
shoreless Make your life an invaluable ideal for a
happy birthday

6) Today’s date should be a hundred years in the same way
God wants
prosperity and prosperity. Keep
happy and happy.

7) Best of luck to you on your birthday

8) Wish you a happy birthday today and the whole world celebrates your birthday

9) This joy of birthday is not for a single day, so yesterday it is a joy that still remains today. Happy Birthday

10) Day is special today, you have a great life, this is money….

Happy Birthday Wishes (Belated Happy Birthday Wishes) 

Sometimes it is too late to wish a happy birthday, but the next message will certainly be worth it.

1) Birthday Wishes To Let The Laptop Be Shortly they will reach you live

too important to be remembered, time
is forgotten .. As
your birthday was done, I
you will understand this ..
Happy late birthday !!

3) Days of the year 365 days of the month 30 days of the week 7 My favorite day is Happy Birthday

4) What Happens Late Even When Your Brother’s Birthday Is Called! 

5) Like every one of us, we message everyone’s birthday, but some have a special birthday. No matter how much he misses. Billeted Happy Birthday

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