10 haircut according to face type

The first impression when meeting someone is our cover letter to the base and face world, and if it is designed for healthy hair , beautiful and a haircutting it illustrates the best sections rostro , we won the battle.

As with all related parts, when it comes to beauty , the stylist’s design haircut should conform to the rest of the set.
In this article you have some ideas about 10 of the most important attributes of the most flattering haircut according to the type of face :




This is the most compatible face, if we design it, it creates a well defined circumference. When a haircut is done for this type of face, we must end the idea of ​​symmetry, try to stretch the face with game angles, layering and drawing technique is useful, medium haircut  Long hair is preferred, straight bangs are forbidden, however if we discredit them, the face will look great.


They reflect somewhat masculine textured forms, characterized by a broad forehead and cheek bones in line with the jaw, which are essential for bringing softness and femininity to the face. As far as the length is concerned, the average lengths should be preferred, although the lengths can be used to give a sense of movement by cutting the layers.

The important thing in this case is to avoid even the hair, we need to combine different sizes by making gradual cuts, in this way the image of the irregularity is given to the middle of the face, and in the case of the bangs, they should be on the side of the face. The cuts should try to cover the jaws and soften the hardness of the facial features.


The skeletal structure of this face is small, it is much wider than the lower part of the face, the jaw is very small, almost sharp cheek. Means that do not exceed the length of the shorts and the shoulder height are widely favorable, and the use of bangs is not advisable.


This is a fully compliant face, which allows for any kind of haircut, and you need to take into account the changes that occur in case you want to cover some part of the face, but generally there are no limits when you have an oval face.


This type of face is the opposite of a warship, where the shortest part is at the forehead level and the cheek width, so it is necessary to balance this disparity by using the size cutoffs to the sides of the forehead. Using well-defined thick bangs. As far as the length is concerned, the lengths without the layers are preferred.


This is characterized by the fact that they usually have a longer face than the width, but have the same width and jaw. Then it is necessary to shorten the face. Given the size of the most flattering haircut sides, it is recommended to cut the sides sideways without looking like a rectangle.

  1. LONG FACEThis type of face, as a rule, is long and narrow, and the forehead has an exemplary place in the facial structure. These haircuts are recommended for this type of face, which reduces the length of the sight, a cut that does not exceed the height of the shoulders, in addition to the size and movement of the area of ​​the cheek bones to compensate for the length of the face. If you run the risk of getting tired, sick and too long, you should avoid increasing the size of the upper part and avoid wearing long and hard hair. Another way to reduce the appearance of the face is to combine straight and short bangs.


The focus on this face is concentrated on the cheek bones as they stand above the rest of the facial complex. The upper and lower parts of the face are narrower, so it is imperative to expand these areas using systematic cuts on the irregular layers of the cheek and forehead, and use irregular and deformed bangs that come to one side of the face. It is important to try to remove the size in the middle part of the face.


This type of face is similar to a warship, but its angles differ in terms of being seen higher, and the best haircut basically requires you to wear a degradation to give depth, texture, and irregular bangs. Bangs help to cover the wide forehead, preferably giving a soft finish, which helps create a curved look that reflects the ideal oval shape of the face.


The long face is narrow, oblong and with rounded edges. Unlike oval and round faces, the ellipsoid type is about 70% longer than the width.

That distinction will be very clear. The stylist will recommend a haircut that measures the height of the ear, and this way visual balance is achieved in the dimensions of the face.

For this type of face, it is desirable to apply the hair up to the shoulder, as it will show wider when layers are added. Only one style that does not increase above size is necessary.

The long bang that reaches the eye level in the possibilities gives you a sense of contraction. The first layer of cut should reach the base of the upper jaw and give the impression of moving the lower layers of the jawbone.

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