How to shave your eyebrows (step by step)

An erotic look at a woman is an essential tool to achieve anything. An erotic look involves many features, such as eyebrows and eyelids, that must be maintained.

However this is achieved with different care, including good cosmetics and better eyebrow hair removal . This process is depilated which is very delicate and different steps must be taken to achieve a better change, which is why we present to you how to shave your eyebrows (step by step).

There are different ways to shave eyebrows , pamper, wax or tweezers. What you need to remember is that whatever style you apply to your face, the thickness of your eyebrows and the size of it will be influenced. Despite all these factors, there is always a common way to shave eyebrows and keep them in profile.


1 step . Prior to shave your eyebrows as a node on your entire face should be washed in warm water Scrub Soap is an excellent coating for faster and thus less strong mottaiyatikkappatalam hairs. As already mentioned, before you do hair removal yourself, you need to know what shape your eyebrows need. After this we recommend to take a pencil eyeliner (rather than a different color from the color of your eyebrows like white, blue, red) and then find the design that needs to be activated, which will allow you to get more precision when shaving.

Step 2 . In this case you can attach tools like caliber, scissors and pamphlets. After finding the shape, begin shaving your hair out of the line with tweezers. Remember to shave according to the shape you are drawing. Another suggestion is that when you shave, do one with the other and get more consistency.

Step 3 . After cutting all the remaining hair, you can take the pamphlet and sometimes remove the small hair that cannot be removed with tweezers. Finally so that the eyebrows are well shaved you can comb them with a small comb brush or toothbrush and cut from the tip to the beginning of the eyebrows. At the end of all hair removal it is advisable to apply some type of cream or oil to remove burns such as aloe or almond oil.


When it comes to cejas , women cannot take the same advice because they don’t all have the same hair growth. However, there are some tips to take into account so that you have demographic and erotic eyebrows.

  • Try to shave only when you need to, because if this process is followed, the follicles can become weak and limit the growth process.
  • Ideally, you only have one person shaving your eyebrows and you can be yourself in this case, but if you don’t want to do it, you need a stylist who will do it for you, the shape of your eyebrows and how to shave them properly.
  • If you are one of the few women with hair on the area of ​​the eyebrows, you will only need to apply castor oil or almond oil throughout this area and you will see that the hair will gradually begin to appear. For best results this procedure should be performed at least three times per week.
  • You can fill your eyebrows with a good makeup, which can help you with areas of pores, make you look thick and bulky. Ideally, you will get makeup from the tone of your hair, giving them a natural look.
  • To achieve eyebrows of great size and thickness, you can apply chopped onions to the eyebrows and leave them in one overnight. Onions specialize in increasing blood circulation, which accelerates hair growth. This recipe should be done twice a week.
  • Finally you can dye your eyebrows first you should consult a stylist and check if you are allergic to any of these special dyes.

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