It is the best antioxidant for your skin

If you want the best antioxidant for your skin and how to choose it, read on:


You may not understand, but in the daytime, our skin is exposed to many villains. Pollution, solar radiation, smoking, bad nutrition and even radiation emitted by cell phones and other electronic devices (popular as sensitive light) …

All of these can damage our skin through the production of free radicals – unstable molecules that damage collagen and elastin-like structures in the skin and, consequently, accelerate the appearance of early aging symptoms.

In order to cancel the action of these free radicals and keep our strong and desirable skin to face those villains day by day, we need to add a very important step in the skin care routine – antioxidants!


To choose the right antioxidant for you, it all depends on the specificity of your skin.

Finding antioxidants based on serum is an essential clue that can always be incorporated into many maintenance procedures for quick absorption, soothing emotion and uninterrupted every day. Based on the opinion of many experts, we set aside the best ingredients and specialties for each skin type:

For excess oil and acne prone skin: Look for formulas with antioxidants such as pure vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid, and fluoretin. Combined L-ascorbic acid and ferulic acid provide a powerful antioxidant blend, doubling the benefits of L-ascorbic acid and keeping the feel of the Super Second formula.


For normal skin: There is no limit – always look for formulas that are comfortable for your skin. Serum is a great alternative because it has quick absorption and helps to use makeup or sunscreen without wasting time.

For mature or dry skin: Formulas that combine vitamin C with fat-soluble vitamin E are ideal because they have antioxidant activity and fat-soluble vitamin E contributes to skin hydration.

  • Pure Vitamin C: stimulates the production of collagen fibers, helps to correct wrinkles, expression lines and skin tone. It makes the skin more radiant and balanced, and helps to clear out the mucus.
  • Vitamin E: Fat-soluble vitamin E works by canceling free radicals in the skin, but it has enormous moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • Resveratrol: It is renowned for promoting natural antioxidants in the body and enhancing the protection of cells against external damage from radiation, pollutants, bad nutrition and smoking. Resveratrol can strengthen our protective mechanisms throughout the day and promote our skin repair mechanisms throughout the night, making it a powerful ally against aging.
  • Ferulic acid : Apart from being a powerful antioxidant, ferulic acid helps heal wounds, but one of its most incredible properties is working in synergy with pure vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamin E, leaving the skin for a more powerful antioxidant Is. So if you use ferulic acid as one of those 2 active ingredients, your skin will still be protected.

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